Avidartisan Daedalus V2 DIY Coil - Electronic Coil Making Tool

Posted by Danyial Jameel on

This Avidartisan Daedalus V2 DIY Coil Tool is an electric coil-making tool that is easy to use and is able to meet the requirements of a DIY coil. In layman terms you can say it is Daedalus Coil Maker With this revolutionary product, you are able to build your own comfy heating wire. A great choice for DIY fans. Based on Daedalus V1 and with some modern features, it's the best choice for building the perfect coil for your rebuildable Tank or Dripper. It is easy to construct Clapton wire and flat Clapton wire. Clapton wire that is fused, Clapton wire, sturdy Clapton wire, etc. This kit includes everything you need to build your ideal coil.

Inclusions: 3 pc magic tool to make a Clapton coil

  • 2 pc swivel coastlock
  • 1 piece of metal accessory
  • 1 pc daedalus body
  • 1 pc smart coil jig
  • 1 box of packing
  • 1 PC Tool Clamp
  • 2 pcs screw 2 pc nut
  • 1 PC Manual
  • 2 PC spring

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