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Everyone knows about the vapes and cigarettes but now people getting start avoiding the smoking behind it many reasons, why people prefer the vapes to cigarettes. According to a research, smoking leads to the death, it means smoking is very harmful for the human health.

Not only this, we can evaluate the danger of smoking, if someone is sitting with a smoker, and he is smoking, it’s much harmful for that person who is sitting near the smoker. Because of smoking, puffs affects the second person’s lungs.

Additionally, people begin in vaping to quit smoking due to it's helpful for smokers to leave the habit of in this blog we will discuss the benefits of vaping.


Benefits of Vaping

Vaping or e-cigarettes have a lot of benefits vs smoking. We will discuss some benefits that will help you to know why people are avoiding the smoking.

·        Vaping is good for your health.
·        Vaping is cheap, more than smoking.
·        Second hand vaping is not dangerous.
·        Vapes don’t produce the destructive chemicals.
·        Vapes have more flavors.
·        Vaping doesn’t face the restrictions.
·        Vapes help to quit the smoking
·        Vape doesn’t linger as cigarette smoking.
·        Vaping and smoking at the same time.
·        Vaping is easier to cut down on over time.

Let’s discuss all the benefits.

 Vaping is Good for Health

We see a lot of wrong information about vapes or vaping. Most people take it as cigarettes, even though vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Its biggest benefit is that, for you, it's easy to quit smoking.

No doubt, vapes also contain e- liquid chemicals, but the quantity is very fewer than cigarettes. The tar doesn’t remain in the body that remains after the cigarette.

Those who vapes their lungs function, immune system and breath rate are normal from those who smoke. It improves the all functions in one month if a person switching smoke to vaping.

Vaping is Cheap, More Than Smoking

According to the research, a smoker spends £3000 per year in the UK. There could be a little difference in cost due to the types of smoking and from where you buy the cigarettes.

On the other hand, vaping is a low-cost thing that everyone can buy it easily .in vapes, many accessories are disposable but mostly are able to reuse. You just have to maintain the device and change the coil etc. You spent almost £30 in up front, and you spent £70 on extra accessories like replacement coils, batteries, e- liquid etc.

Second Hand Vapors is Not Dangerous

After the research, results show that smoking is dangerous for health not only for the smoker but for also those one who is near to him. Cigarettes contain 700 chemicals and 70 unknown carcinogens that are the major cause of cancer spreading in smokers.

Second hand smoking is not good for others as well, because the exhaled vapors also lead the different problems for others, such as:

  • Respiratory infection
  • ENT infection
  • Asthma attack
  • Sudden infant death syndrome

In adults, second hand smoking increases the risk of lung diseases, heart diseases, cancer, and stroke etc.

Vapes Don’t Produce the Destructive Chemicals

If you are doing smoking and vaping, you can know the difference between how fewer amounts in present in vapes than cigarettes. So there are few compounds when you exhale the vapor.

Mostly 4 ingredients are –present in vape devices such as: nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin all are safe for consuming. It means that vaping is safe, too.

Vapes Have More Flavors

After the ban on different flavors of tobacco in Europe, now only a few flavors are remained. It means smokers don’t have a wide choice in flavors.

Moreover, vapes have a wide range in e- liquid flavors. These flavors give a pretty enjoyable experience.

Vaping Doesn’t Face the Restrictions

 It’s common; we see that tobacco cigarettes are not allowed indoor places. Cigarettes are banned on buses, official places etc.

But the vapes are not banned in such kinds of places just because they are not harmful. It also depends on the rules and regulations of the place where you are.

Vapes Help to Quit Smoking

In Europe, half of current smokers want to quit smoking. So the most common thing that e-cig will be helpful them to quit smoking. According to research, nicotine vaping is more helpful in replacement of smoking.

Furthermore, 18% of tobacco users switched to e-cigarettes in one year. There are a lot of reasons behind switching the tobacco cigarettes. Many people desire to leave the smoking, but they can’t perform because when craving build up, they can’t hold control of their self.

So there, vaping helps them to hold their cravings and provide them to manage their cravings. Smoking is a considered as an anti-social activity, so that’s not allowed in many places .but vaping gives you the chance you can continue it without harming yourself.

Vape Doesn’t Linger as Smoking

Vapes vapors that exhaled by the vapor vanish within a few seconds, but the tobacco cigarettes vapors keep in the air more than 30 minutes

So, it’s the biggest reason why the smoker’s walls, curtains, and cloths got smelly with tobacco. In vaper’s room, such kind of smell doesn’t exist because after vaping, exhaled vapors vanish suddenly.


To wrap up the whole conversation, we can say that in the end, vaping has a lot of benefits as compared to tobacco cigarettes. Vaping controls your nicotine habits, and you got fewer cravings for smoking.

Vaping is the best option for those who want to quit smoking. They can leave their smoking habit within one month if they switch to vaping.


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