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Now people use vape instead of cigarette, it has become the most popular among the young people. Since, Vape devices have increased in worth because of it’s less harmful and attractive features.

The main question which arises in the minds of the vape users is which vape they should buy. Sometimes, it depends on the comfort and taste of the customers. But mostly, the fresher don’t have an idea about vapes and its different types.

But don’t worry if you are also a beginner in the use of vapes or just want to quit smoking. In this article we will discuss various types of vapes, its benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s start!

What is vape?

Vape is the electronic device similar in shape and size of a fountain pen, containing nicotine in different flavors and is rechargeable having a battery.

It’s the process of inhaling the vapors while e-cigarette is the mimic of traditional cigarette, the major difference is that e-cigarettes throw out after use, but the vapes can use again.

Types of vape

Vapes have also sub-categories; here we discuss the main type of vapes:

  • Pod system
  • Pod mods
  • Vape pen
  • Vape mod



Vape pod system is a vaping device that encompasses e- liquid in the plastic pod. Pod systems are detachable and disposable. It’s the best choice for a new vaper because it’s easy to use. It has a small filling port to fill the liquid when it’s ended.it has minimum preservation necessities.

Benefits of pod system

Pod system have different benefits:

  • If you are vaping, so must its biggest benefit that it should be simple.
  • To maintain the pod system, the vape device should keep charge.
  • Keep your device with e- liquid.
  • Until you don’t need to replace the coil, make it assembles.
  • Coil or pod is very simple in cleaning and replacing the pod tank.
  • All types of pod systems have ability to give the excellent performance with salted nicotine
  • Pod system gives you the proper airflow to your throat like a cigarette.


Drawbacks of pod system

Pod system have also few drawbacks:

  • Pod system’s major drawback is that only work with pod that’s manufactured for it.
  • It can’t be work with third party system.



Pod mod is a vaping device that is the combination of simplicity and convenience. You can keep it tidy and dispose it easily. You can easily fill with pod system.

It has an innovative features.it is the best option for those vapers who wants to gain the richest experience. Everything has pros and cons, same as we can also get some benefits and drawbacks.
Let’s discuss its pros and cons.

Benefits of pod mod

Some benefits are given below:

  • This category always introduced with latest features that are adorable.
  • Pod mods have good battery timing.
  • Pod mods typically presented in modifications.
  • These mods have amendable airflow.
  • Have different coil options.
  • Some pods offer the restore coils.


Pod having some drawbacks:

  • Some vaping pods create the big vaping clouds due to mismanagement with nicotine salt – liquid.
  • It’s complex in use. So, it’s not the recommended to the basic new vaper.


Vape pen is the modified version in shape of cylinder, some have the appearance like ball points and cigar just because narrowness and long shape. Vape pen can be considered as traditional device due to its experience.

Pros of vape pen

Vape pen benefits are given below:

  • Vape pen is easy to purchase.
  • A vaper can upturn its battery life
  • It’s easy to use.
  • A vaper can keep it in pocket.

Cons of vape pen

vape pen also contains some drawbacks:

  • Vape pen has less customization in choices.
  • It has fewer features.
  • No adjustment wattage.



Vape mod is in boxy or square shaped device that use for vaping. It has the strongest battery among all vapes. In some vape mod have the double batteries with large sizes. Its worth is more than other vapes, that’s why usually vapers purchase it more.


pros of vape mods are given below:

  • Its battery timing is long-lasting.
  • Vaper can use it for full day without charge requirement.
  • Vape mod can supply the 100-200 watt.
  • It can be work with any tank.
  • Vape mod delivers the massive amount of powder.


Vape mod have few drawbacks such as:

  • Vape mod have a lot of features, due to this It's complicated to use.
  • So, it is not the best choice for a new vaper.


To wraps up the whole conversation, in the end we can say that all vaping devices are good, but they have also pros and cons that we can’t neglect. Pod systems are disposable.

Vapes, which are easy to use for the beginner. Pod mod has more features than pod system. In this, a vaper has the open to change the coils.

Vape pens are more convenient to use. Vape pens look like a pen which is easy to handle. Mods are the most useful device for vapers because it has different features with long-lasting battery power.


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