Everything you need know about Laisimo F4 Firmware Update

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Upgrade to the latest version of firmware for your device. laisimo F4 firmware to update your firmware to the most recent version, download the most recent firmware which is available across the Europe, countries including USA, UK, HUNGARTY, Netherlands , Belgium and many more.

Laisimo F4

Download the latest software release and update firmware to the latest version:

  • The last version to be updated: 02.01.2020
  • Country All
  • Size of Download: 133.4 Megabytes
  • Language pack: English, Chinese
  • Version: 5.1.11

You can download the upgrade software from the site: http://www.sigelei.com/Support/Download/Upgrade_Firmware/

(1). Double-click "SGLvape(windows) V1.10 .exe" to start installation after decompression

(2). Click Next to continue.

(3) Continue until the setup is complete

Software Update Operation

After you have opened SGL, after opening the SGL software for sigelei laisimo f4, take and remove the battery from the mod, and then hit the fire button while connecting Micro USB to contact with the computer. The software will launch the upgrade interface.

Open the file. Choose the upgrade file. (for instance, DUO 3 V1.bin)

Open the program, software is upgrading until it is successful

(4). Switch off the software then unplug Micro USB and then turn on the mod(Put the batteries into) The screen will show "logo". Then, press "fire" five times in succession to resume normal operations. It is a sign that the upgrade has been successful.


  1. During the upgrade, please do not shut off the software, or unplug Micro USB.
  2. If the upgrade is a failure(Such as showing an abnormal error or Mod won't come on ) Refer to the previous step.
  3. If the file for upgrade is too big, you'll be notified of an error Please modify the file used to upgrade.

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