BMTD Cotn Threads Cotton 20Pcs

BMTD Cotn Threads Cotton 20Pcs

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BMTD Cotn Threads Cotton, made in USA, is Pharmaceutical Grade Cotton amd Certified Organic Cotton. Cotn Threads Cotton is designed with agleted ends for re-wicking incredibly speedy and compatible with 3mm coils. COTN Cotton Threads come in a convenient resealable bag full of ready-to-use threads for your convenience.

Compatible with: 3mm coils
Quantity: 20 Threads/bag

Resealable Travel Sized Bag
Pharmaceutical Grade Cotton
Certified Organic Cotton
No Bleach, No Taste
Fast Absorbing
Comes in One Continuous Lump Strands
Made in USA

1* Bag of 20 Cotton Threads
Zip-lock Bag

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