Demon Killer Violence Coil 7 in 1 Kit 28pcs

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Demon Killer Violence Coil 7 in 1 Kit comes with 28pcs well-made Kanthal coils and 1pc Allen Key.

These coils are in 7 type with 4pcs of each, including Alien V2 coil, Tsuka coil, Clapception coil, Framed Clapton coil, Spaced Clapton coil, Tri-twisted Clapton coil and Staple Staggered Fused Clapton coil.

Get them as spare part for your RBA tanks. 


  • Material: Kanthal
  • Coil type and resistance:
  • Alien V2 coil 0.25ohm
  • Tsuka coil 0.25ohm 
  • Clapception coil 0.35ohm
  • Framed Clapton coil 0.26ohm
  • Spaced Clapton coil 0.35ohm
  • Tri-twisted Clapton coil 0.35ohm 
  • Staple Staggered Fused Clapton coil 0.3ohm

Package Includes:

  • One Convenient Carrying Box
  • One Allen Key
  • Four 0.25ohm Alien V2 Coils
  • Four 0.25ohm Tsuka Coils
  • Four 0.35ohm Clapception Coils
  • Four 0.26ohm Framed Clapton Coils
  • Four 0.35ohm Spaced Clapton Coils
  • Four 0.35ohm Tri-Twisted Clapton Coils
  • Four 0.3ohm Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils

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