FreeMax Onnix Pod Cartridge 3.5ml

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Freemax Onnix Pod Cartridge features 3.5ml capacity. With a front refill stopper by silicone plug, it is super easy to refill. You can also plug the pod at whichever side for simplicity and convenience.

The strong magnet ensures a quick and perfect match. Freemax Onnix Pod Cartridge supports all sorts of liq categories with various VG/PG ratios in the market, both salt and freebase.

The compatible VG/PG ratio for  salt liq ranges from 5:5 to 4:6 to 6:4 and for freebase liq from 7:3 to 8:2. Equipped with upgraded FM SaltCoilTech 3.0, Onnix Pod Cartridge is able to match 100% of categories in the market.


  • 3.5ml liq capacity, refill at ease
  • Dual adjustable airflow system for both MTL and RDL
  • Compatible with OX Mesh 0.5ohm Coil/OX DVC 1.0ohm Coil
  • Each set contain:
  • 2pcs Freemax Onnix Pod Cartridge

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