Rincoe Manto Max RDTA Cartridge

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Rincoe Manto Max RDTA is a replaceable cartridge for the Rincoe Manto Max pod system, which can hold 6ml of e-liquid. The top of this RDTA cartridge is an 810 ringless drip tip, which can be replaced. There are four prominent closed terminals in the deck of the Rincoe Manto Max RDTA cartridge. You can place one or two coils here. Single or dual coil build both works great on Manto Max RDTA. The coil is very easy to install. Install the coil in the port, tighten the fixing screws, and align the coil with the ventilation holes. Rincoe Manto Max RDTA has double airflow, allow the air to pass from the bottom of the coil to the top. You can overlap the bottom and sides together to conduct taste transmission experiments in every possible way, but the best option is still a completely open airflow so that the coil will be contacted from all sides, which will make the vapor and flavor become the best.


Capacity: 6ml

Package Includes:

1* Rincoe Manto Max RDTA
Spare parts

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