Smoant P Series Coil for Pasito Mini Kit(3pcs/pack)

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The Smoant P Series Coil is an exceptional addition to the Pasito Mini Kit, offering an outstanding vaping experience to all users. This replacement coil features a unique design that optimizes vapor production and intensity, ensuring an enjoyable vaping session every time.

The P Series Coil is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and utilizes a mesh heating element, which enables rapid and even heating, resulting in a rich vapor production. With a resistance of 0.6ohm, this coil is perfect for sub-ohm vaping and can handle a power range of 20-25W.

The coil also has a unique airflow design that enhances the vaporization process and reduces the likelihood of dry hits. This makes the Smoant P Series Coil ideal for all-day vaping, as it provides a smooth and consistent vape that is free of harshness or burnt taste.

Overall, the Smoant P Series Coil is an outstanding choice for vapers seeking exceptional vapor production. With its advanced mesh heating element and unique airflow design, it provides a remarkable vaping experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Compatible with the Pasito Mini Kit
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Utilizes a mesh heating element for even heating and exceptional vapor production
  • 0.6ohm resistance for sub-ohm vaping
  • Power range of 20-25W
  • Unique airflow design for smooth and consistent vaping
  • Reduces the likelihood of dry hits and burnt taste
  • Provides exceptional vapor production
  • Ideal for all-day vaping.

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