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Most people are curious about to know how does long nicotine stay in your system. Why this question is important for the people who are vaping or using e-cigarettes. The answer of that questions is maybe they health conscious or have them the other reasons.

Duration of nicotine in human body system depends on many factors. It depends on the liver’s function. In mostly cases, nicotine stays in a body for one to three days.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is an addictive compound that makes the body of use to for something. Nicotine’s frequency matters because after using nicotine, the body feels the need of it. After inhaling the nicotine, it increases the cotinine level in blood (cotinine is a metabolic level that is present in our blood).


Why Does Nicotine last a few Days in the Body?

Body absorbs the nicotine very quickly with in few seconds in blood due to our body feel sensations while smoking and vaping.

Nicotine impression rate is spontaneously, it remains in body for many day and weeks but in some cases it keeps in body for months and years.

Those who are not smokers, but they consider the secondhand smokers, nicotine also present in their bodies.

Nicotine affects can be broken down when a smoker’s kidney filters and pass the urine, it depends on what quantity he consumed. With leading of time, body system will be clear from nicotine.

How can You Remove Nicotine from the Body Quickly?

To get out the nicotine from the body, there are useful hacks that are given below:

  • You have to drink water sufficiently.
  • Use drinks that are sugar-free.
  • Take diet in which have sufficient antioxidants, such as nuts, blueberries etc.
  • For the reduction of nicotine quantity in body, you can start vaping, which is very useful way.
  • You need to up the bile production, which will help you to increase the metabolism through egg yolk and garlic etc.
  • Take exercise excessively, which helps to get out the nicotine toxic ingredients from body by sweating.

Why does the Speed it takes for Nicotine to Leave Differ?

Consumption of nicotine you take, which leads to the speed of removal from your body naturally. Behind it different factors that are highlighted below:

  • If the liver is working well and making the antioxidants for bile functioning, the rate of nicotine removal will be quickly.
  • For nicotine removal age also matter, if an individual age is 65 his nicotine removal rate will be slow.
  • As we mentioned above, individual needs healthy diet for the fast removal of nicotine.
  • Each individual is genetically unique. So the nicotine removal rate is different in each case.
  • Kidney should be healthy, but if it is not working well, definitely removal rate will be affected.


The crux of the whole conversation is that nicotine removal rate from the body is different. Nicotine removal rate depends on many factors, as we mentioned in this blog. Smokers can get out the nicotine through urination, usually. If nicotine remains in your hairs, it can take several months for removal. A smoker, who crave for cigarette is an might be possible his removal rate is slow.

So, the vape is the best alternative of nicotine cigarettes, vape can limit the nicotine level in body without any harm which keeps in body for sustain period.

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