Smoant BattleStar Baby Review - The Baby We All Love

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  • Small and light
  • The Lanyard cable is a charger cable!  
  • Fast charging via Type-C
  • 1.2ohm coil is fantastic
  • Nice MTL draw


  • 0.6ohm coil isn't very good.
  • Small port for filling
  • Weak pod magnets
  • A little condensation and leaking

Smoant may not be as popular as some other vaping businesses, however they've been creating mods for vapes for quite a while. They developed the well-known Cyclon as well as the Ranker mods, and recently, they've had great success from their Battlestar mod. They've recently been releasing using the pod-based vape and I had the opportunity to test their Smokey Pasito in the past couple of months ago. It was a great device, particularly for their first pod-vape.

Battlestar Baby  is their newest pod vape. From initial glances it is reminiscent of much similar to that of Voopoo Drag nano. It utilizes pods that have two ml of capacity and uses coils that can be replaced. It also features an internal battery of 750mAh with a maximum constant power output of 15W, and utilizes Smoant's ANT chipset.

The design is attractive and the features too. However, is this Smoant Battlestar Baby worth your investment? Find out more in the article below.

The device was provided to me with the intention of this review by Euvaper.

Box Contents

  • 1 Battlestar Baby Mod
  • 1 2ml 1 x 2ml
  • 1x 1.2ohm Ni80 Coil
  • 1 . 0.6ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable/Lanyard
  • One x warranty card
  • 1 User Manual


  • Anti Chipset
  • Zinc-Alloy Construction
  • CPR Panels
  • Draw-Activated
  • Output Wattage: 10-15W
  • 2ml Capacity of the Pod
  • Replaceable Coils

Design & Build Quality

Type-C Lanyard

Before I begin talking regarding the modification, I'll have to talk about the lanyard that is included. The lanyard is actually a USB type-C cable that's 100% functional. It has clip clips on both sides of the cable, which clip into the lanyard holders.

It's similar to any other lanyard on the outside. It's equipped with the Smoant brand on the side, and a measuring tape that can be used for measuring to the opposite. It's a multi-purpose lanyard! It's a great and practical idea. I'm shocked that no other businesses have come up with this idea before. I'm concerned that the durability of the product could be an issue , but I've had it on for two weeks and it's functioning perfectly. However, I'm wondering what it's going to do in the next couple of months.

Battlestar Baby

When I first pulled it out of the package, the only thing I could think of was how much it was similar to Voopoo Drag Nano. It is similar in terms of design and style, but it's the Battlestar Baby is just a little taller, wider and more substantial:

Battlestar Baby: 60mm high and 45mm wide. 15mm thick

Drag Nano 54.5mm talland 35mm wide. and 11mm thick

It's not that much of a change. It's still a small pod vape that's easy to get out of the home without bulking me out or weighing me down. It weighs only 78g.

Body of Battlestar Baby is made out of zinc-alloy. The paint is electroplated onto. It's a mirror-like shiny paint that looks attractive. The panels on the back and front appear like resin, however according to Smoant's website , they're composed out of "CPR".

It is believed that CPR is wear-resistant and has a high gloss appearance. It's also impervious to smudges and fingerprints. They're not real resin panels, but they appear stunning. They're gorgeous in their appearance.

It's a draw-activated pod vape which means that there are no buttons. It also means it does not have a variable wattage. The wattage is between 10-15W but it will fire in accordance with the pod which is in use.


Battlestar Baby comes with a single pod. It has a dark hue to it, making viewing the ejuice levels difficult unless it's held to bright light. It's a huge pod that can contain up to 2ml Ejuice.

The pod is attached to the battery by magnets and is held there by four magnets within the device. The pod can only be inserted one direction and is slightly loose within the device.

There's some movement as the pod is placed and the magnets don't seem solid enough. It's simple to take this pod. In any event I've never seen the pod fall out by accident.

The mouthpiece of the pod is like that of Drag Nano. It's slim and rectangular in form. It's easy to smoke and it feels good in my mouth.

It's blocked by a rubber stopper however it's extremely thin and tiny. The tab can be used to move the plug up, but I was still having trouble opening it, even using my long nails. Once I managed to pull it out I was shocked by the dimensions of the hole. It's tiny. It's just enough to be able to fit on the top of an E Juice bottle. Dropper bottles are not recommended.


Battlestar Baby comes with two coils. Battlestar Baby comes with two coils:

  • A 0.60ohm mesh Coil (fires with 15W)
  • A 1.2ohm Ni80 coil (fires up to 10 W)

Both coils make use of organic cotton as their wicking material and are the same external dimensions and shapes. They're plug and play , making them easy to set up or remove. Simply push the coils into the bottom of the pod and you're ready to go.

The 0.6ohm coil is able to wick well when using heavier e juices such as 70VG or 80VG , however I noticed that it was leaking when tried 50/50. My experience suggests that this is a coil that is best designed for high-VG E Juices.

The 1.2ohm coil is a different beast. It sucked everything with no issue. I tested ejuices that ranged between 50/50 and 80VG, and it sucked flawlessly without leakage.

There was some condensation on the pod after lengthy smoking sessions. This occurred for both coils. It's not a major issue, however I felt I'd like to let you know!

In terms of coil longevity it appears that the 0.60ohm coil is not as good as the average. I only used it for 5 days prior to it beginning to taste bitter. I'd like to have at least a week. The 1.2ohm coil was more reliable and has survived 7 days and is still running well.


There's an airflow hole at the outer, top edge of the pod. It lets air flow down the sides and inside of the pod. Then, the air is carried up, through the coil before exiting the mouthpiece. In addition, there's an intake port for airflow located on the lower part of the pod which allows airflow to flow through it. It's the result of an MTL draw that has a small amount of restriction.

Battlestar Baby Battlestar Baby doesn't have airflow control, so the draw it gives you is the one you will get. I couldn't find any distinction among the 2 coils. Both provide the identical MTL draw, but it's a draw that is tight enough to please me.

Battery Life and Charging

A battery of 750mAh is packed inside the Battlestar Baby and it's been offering me impressive time of use. I averaged 2 days of medium or heavy use with the 0.6ohm coil prior to having to recharge. This is really impressive, especially for a tiny version of pod vape.

There's an LED located on the left side of the Battlestar Baby that lights up every time you draw. The LED flashes in three different colors to show the battery's status:

  • 100-60 percent: White LED
  • 60-30 percent: Blue LED
  • 30percent and less: Red LED

When charging the LED's are identical:

  • 30 % or less: Blinking red LED
  • 30-60 percent: Blinking blue LED
  • 60-95% White LED blinking
  • Completely charged White LED in solid form

I used the Type-C cable/lanyard for charging and it performed the way any other type-C cable. I went from dead to fully charged after about 50 minutes. It's pretty quick. It's pretty fast. Battlestar Baby also supports pass-thru charging when you're just a bit hungover and you're looking to go for a vape.

As I stated earlier in the Airflow section, the draw drawn by Battlestar Baby Battlestar Baby is a MTL draw. It doesn't change when using coils and stays the same draw regardless of which coil I'm using. 


Overall, performance is satisfactory and I'm happy with the taste of that 1.2ohm coil. But the 0.6ohm coil doesn't have anything unique about it.

The Battlestar Baby is a constant output device. Therefore, it will draw constant, even as the battery goes out. I did not notice any differences between being nearly full or dead. The draw remains constant.

I'll begin at the 0.6ohm coil since it's the one that's pre-installed and was the one I first tested. It's great with 70VG+ ejuices , however any other coil that was less than this resulted in a pool of ejuice inside the battery. The flavor that this coil produces is decent, but not something special or exciting. Flavor is muted to a tiny degree, and the flavor doesn't feel more full than it ought to. It's certainly not the worst coil I've ever used, however it's definitely not the greatest.

The 1.2ohm coil is the one that saves it from being a Battlestar Baby. The taste is fresh and fresh, with no muting at all. The coil also wicks well with any 50/50 blend to 80VG/20PG which makes it a great choice. Nicotine salts provide a powerful throat hit that has an appropriate level of kick. It's a great coil to vape. I may actually need to purchase some of these.


The Battlestar Baby is a good pod vape, but it's not as great as the Smokey Pasito. I'd rank this device somewhat lower than the other models, but it's close to. It's a simple and effective device that is very effective using the 1.2ohm coil, but the 0.6ohm coil is much better.

If you want to ask me, I believe this is a gadget worth purchasing. It's compact and easy to carry around. I love to draw. the throat hit excellent, making it a great smoke for nicotine salts. If you're considering buying one, I recommend you try it. Make sure you get an additional pack of 1.2ohm coils.

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